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FREE for Veterans!

Real Estate

Veterans can now get state licensed for free in Michigan.

Michigan Salesperson Prelicensure Course, test fees, license fees - ALL FREE for Veterans!

As a US Army Veteran, I'm going to pursue my Michigan Real Estate License.
I have previously held a Real Estate license in South Carolina.

LARA Services for Veterans

Information for Active Duty Military Personnel, Veterans & Military Spouses

Helpful Links
New Salesperson License Application

Real Estate One Academy – Michigan proprietary real ...
Real Estate One Academy is a real estate school affiliated with the largest broker in Michigan and based in SouthfieldMichiganReal Estate One Academy ...


101A - Register for State Exam General Instructions 40 hour ...

Review for the Exam

Course Name: Review for the Exam - 101B. Days Offered ...


All of these classes require pre-registration. All you need to do ...

Continuing Education

100 - Con Ed 2015. This class is 3 back to back classes: TRID 2 ...

48% Off @ Real Estate One Academy - Southfield, MI ...
$62 for a 40-Hour Michigan Real Estate Licensing Class from Real Estate One Academy ($58) ... $62 for a Michigan Real Estate Licensing Class ($58) ... Students cannot use this course for broker-prep credit if they've already taken it to obtain their salesperson's license.


New state agency bridges the gap between veterans, benefits In January, the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency was established to improve customer service to the men and women who served their nation in the military. 

The new agency, housed within the Michigan Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, is dedicated to making sure Michigan’s 650,000 military veterans are receiving the benefits they have earned through service to their country. 

The Veterans Affairs Agency’s focus will be on increasing awareness of veterans’ benefits and services, improving the state’s customer service delivery model, increasing efficiency, and fostering collaboration among federal, state and local partners. 

The agency is beginning with pilot programs in Wayne and Kent counties to discover where gaps exist in providing benefits to veterans. Those pilot programs will develop into a customer service model in which veterans can more easily be connected to services and benefits and providers share veteran information with each other. 

For more information on the Veterans Affairs Agency, please visit or contact my office. 

Laws ease the path for veterans to obtain jobs During the last legislative session, new laws were established to aid veterans looking for employment once they have successfully served their country in uniform. With veteran unemployment rates in Michigan topping 25 percent.

Legsilation that allows state licensing agencies to accept military training in certain trades as required training to obtain a trade license in electrical journeyman, journey plumber and private security guard or agency. 

In addition, legislation was enacted that waives the license fees for a variety of professions, allowing qualified veterans to enter their field of expertise without having to pay initial licensing fees. 

Legislation under consideration this session will create a special driver’s license designation for military veterans. Instead of having to produce paperwork to prove service to the nation, the designation allows easier identification of veterans to receive benefits and discounted services that some businesses offer. The Legislature will continue working to provide better 

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Repair of Lenovo G580

Repair of Lenovo G580

A new program was installed to make the laptop run better only to crash it all together.

It wasn't running that good to begin with, hence the above. Google Chrome would crash, have weird ads popup everywhere, not login to the right gmail account, and make the computer freeze or the WiFi adapter crash.

After running anti Malware, uninstalling a few programs from the program manager window, uninstalling and reinstalling Google Chrome, running Anti-virus Software, the problems still persisted.

When turned on the Lenovo splash screen appears then goes to a black screen with only the mouse cursor. Unable to get to the Windows login screen.


I looked all over to find a fix for this issue.
Every website I went to said the same thing. After searching and trying things over and over I tried something new.

Here is how I fixed this issue...

I downloaded Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 ISO from the Microsoft Website

Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows 10

I burned the ISO file to a usb flash drive with software I downloaded to make bootable USB drives.
(Have to look it up on my Desktop computer and post the link later.)

I tried booting from the USB, a DVD I burned, and after a few shutdowns and startups it takes you directly to the system repair on the Lenovo splash screen.
I ran the one key recovery option from Lenovo as well. Here you can access the boot menu.
Restored the Previous operating system from the ISO image file.

Didn't work.

I looked at the partitions on my drive and assigned a letter to the operating system volume.
Then I tried the restore operating system option again. After saving my files to USB drive using the command prompt and notepad.exe (View notes below)

Go to go!
I then upgraded to Windows 10 from the Microsoft website.
Free for all current Windows 7, 8, 8.1 users.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Please if you have any information that may be useful regarding the issues in this post contact me. - C A Rollins ~


Command Prompt Window
This is your recovery temp drive

System File Checker
sfc /scannow

Check Disk
chkdsk c: /r /f /v

list disk
select disk 0
list partition

Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image

Recimg /showcurrent

To access files

cd \Windows\notepad.exe cbs.log

Use a USB flash drive
Open notepad and from the open file box copy and paste your files from your laptop to your USB flash drive. You may also use a external drive, recommended for large files. I used the USB flash drive and it took me forever.

Volume label Windows8_OS

Drive Letters
C: Win8_OS
D: Lenovo

Partition     Volume     Drive     Label                   Type     Hidden
#5                Vol 1           C:       Windows8_OS  
#7                Vol 2           D:       LENOVO
#3                Vol 8           /          LRS_ESP             Fat32     Hidden
#1                Vol 3           /          WINRE_DRV                    Hidden
#2                Vol 4           /          SYSTEM_DRV   Fat32     Hidden
#4                    /              no volume associated with this partition
#6                Vol 5           G:                                    NTFS    Hidden     (USB)
#8                Vol 6           /           PBR_DRV                        Hidden

I never found any answers to why so many partitions. Please if you know anything about this I would appreciate it if you could contact me. Thank you. C A Rollins ~


System Restore
Error: Local Disk (C;) (System) You must enable protection on this drive

Error Codes
0xe06d007e - 0xf6f45bf8

File \EFI\Microsoft\Boot\BCD     Status 0xc000014c

Tried and Failed